Find Your Family

Are looking for a particular family name?
At the FRC, we have family books, pedigree charts, family files, land records, and journal articles that may include your ancestors.
Here is a roadmap on help guide your search:
1. Take a look at our Family Books to see if we have a book on your family.
2. See if we have a Pedigree Chart, Family File, or Land Record for your family (click here to get the list).
Check out our Surname Research page to see if any of our Olde Meck members have submitted the surname you are looking for. If so, you can send an email inquiry to this member.
See if your family has been mentioned in an article in one of Olde Meck's Quarterly journals. Click to Search Quarterly Indexes to search for a Surname or Article Title.
‚ÄčNote: when you open one of the searchable PDFs above, you can search the document by pressing "Ctrl-F" on a Windows computer or "Command-F" on a Mac.  You can also download the PDF to your computer.