Recent Donations

Recent donations to Olde Meck are listed below:
May 2017 Ms. Elise Semrad‚Äč, of the Aldersgate Retirement Community, donated approximately 35 books relating to genealogy. The books included many family genealogy references, in addition to a number of "how-to" genealogy books. We were grateful to receive her donation since it helped many people who researched their family lines in this part of the United States. The entirety of this new addition was added to our extensive library at the FRC, and also added to our online library.
Feb 2017 We received an extremely generous donation from WEDGE Capital Management through one  of our newest members, Mike Richardson. This bequest consisted of three high-end computers, LCD monitors, USB wireless adapters, and accessories. The equipment was used to setup three Internet-connected research stations and to provide our members and guests with enhanced research and training opportunities.  Olde Meck was very grateful to WEDGE Capital Management for this wonderful gift and to Mike Richardson for all his efforts in making the donation happen.
Dec 2016 George Sutcliffe, a former president of Olde Meck, contributed a large collection of research materials from his late wife, Lita, who was an active member and an excellent genealogical researcher. The gift consisted of about 60 genealogical books, journals from a dozen genealogy organizations, roughly 20 historical maps, a four-drawer file cabinet, and two file drawers of research information. This material covered both North and South Carolina, with a concentration on upper South Carolina. Olde Meck patrons benefited greatly from this extensive donation in memory of a valued member.