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Submitted by:   Lynn Bancroft, Charlotte, NC

The Family Research Center is
During the Pandemic
Monthly Meetings Occur Online Only!
The Charlotte Museum of History - and Olde Meck's Family Research Center (FRC) - remain closed at this time. But our staff is able to access our collection. If you have any questions or research inquiries, please email  
We hope you and your family will be safe during these difficult days. Check this website for current status of the FRC.

Nominations for Olde Meck Officers

In order to maintain all the benefits of our society, we continually need a group of volunteers behind the scenes. Your Olde Meck board of directors is currently seeking nominations for the 2021 board. The board positions are:
  • President
  • Vice President/Program Chair
  • Membership Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Recording Secretary
  • Corresponding Secretary
  • Director
If you would like to join our congenial board, nominate someone else who could fill any of these positions, or serve our society in any other capacity, email us at:

Melungeon Heritage Association Offers Podcasts

Olde Meck board member, Heather Andolina, is also the president of the Melungeon Heritage Association (MHA) and has shared a series of podcasts featuring speakers who are of interest to genealogists.
The Melungeon Heritage Association presents its 2020 Annual Melungeon Union Meeting lineup of speakers through this new podcast due to COVID-19. This seven-episode series brings the extraordinary stories and insights from an array of diverse voices, each with their own fascinating glimpse into mixed-ancestry and cultural evolution.
The episodes are hosted by Heather Andolina, President of MHA, and Lis Malone, Podcaster and Diversity Inclusion Advocate. Produced by Lis Malone. It is presented by The Melungeon Heritage Association ( You can subscribe on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and Google Podcasts. The direct links are:

Preserving Spaces Offers Virtual Historic Tours

Olde Meck members experienced a special treat at our August 12th monthly meeting when Kyle Scharf of Preserving Spaces demonstrated his virtual tours of historic Mecklenburg sites.
Kyle has combined his background in historical preservation with his expertise as a professional photographer to launch a new website which allows users to 'walk' through historic places in our area. The resulting 3D tours preserve important history which is fast disappearing.
With the goal to create a massive library of historic sites and accompanying oral histories that anyone can view at any time on their computers, smart phones, and tablets, Kyle has already posted tours of an old home, business, outdoor space, and even an historic jail. His podcast introduces the historians and preservationists behind the scenes for these sites. 
To take the tours of this 'online museum' or find out more, visit Preserving Spaces.

Storyteller Has Writing Projects You Can Join

Thanks to storyteller Randell Jones for sharing his entertaining video of Famous and Infamous Women of North Carolina with us in July. Randell has many other fascinating tales, available both in printed and video form. He is also compiling stories from anyone else who wants to share and publish their own stories.
To hear more of Randell's stories and learn about his other writing projects, visit

Picture Formatting Suggestions

Below are links to YouTube videos created by Louise Nottingham, leader of the Olde Meck Writers' Group. They are designed to help you format photos and images of documents that you may want to include in a Microsoft Word family file:
  1. Corrections Tool
  2. Grouping Tool
  3. Placements Explained
  4. Screenshot Clippings

Navigating Mecklenburg County Deeds

Video Tutorial
Deed records can provide a wealth of information to fill out our ancestors' stories but can oftentimes be difficult to access. We are excited to announce an addition to our website which will make the process of finding valuable Mecklenburg land records easier than in the past.
As part of her internship for a course in her Masters of Library Science program at East Carolina University, Ann Martin, now an Olde Meck member, has recently completed a helpful video tutorial to walk users through the process of accessing the Mecklenburg County Register of Deeds website. If you have Mecklenburg ancestors and have ever wanted to view old deeds and land transactions, this video will facilitate your journey.
Ann describes the basics of deeds, what they consist of, and how they can help with family research. She then provides easy to follow navigation through the Register of Deeds website using a specific example.
(1) Click Start Button below to begin. Be sure to view in Full Screen (icon at bottom right of video)
(2) If you want to go directly to YouTube, click Navigating Mecklenburg County Deeds
We hope you will find Ann’s video tutorial useful and search for the deeds of your ancestors. Please feel free to give us feedback on this new feature.

Organize Your Family History Research

At the May 2019 monthly meeting, Lynn Bancroft presented a program on methods to help us organize our family history. She discussed useful hints and presented a sampling of different charts which can enhance our research. Based on Family Tree Magazine’s 8 Habits of Highly Organized Genealogists, Lynn described how the following tips may be helpful:
  1. Keep the big picture in mind.
  2. Take charge of paper files.
  3. Go digital.
  4. Establish an organization routine.
  5. Take advantage of tech tools.
  6. Designate a workspace.
  7. Color-code folders and files.
  8. Create a kit for on-site research.
Lynn gave explanations of how to implement each of these habits and had copies of the charts she presented available for attendees to take home.  Lynn's Research Organization Presentation is available to Olde Meck members who missed attending the meeting.

November 11
In Search of Norman Astley
Norman Astley is only one of at least three names used by an elusive fellow who was born during the 1850’s, lived all around the country, including in North Carolina, had multiple wives, and many, many adventures. Join us to ...
December 8
December Holiday Meeting
We hope you can join us to celebrate another successful, if challenging year for Olde Meck. We will 'meet' on Zoom and have entertainment, installation of officers, and prizes!!