Tommy Beatty writes "Moments in Time"

Tommy Beatty, Olde Meck member, has been an active member of the Family Writing Group since the beginning. He has compiled his stories into a book and shared the following, excerpted, introduction to inspire the rest of us to write our stories as well:
For many years, I had considered building a family tree. But how would I build one? I knew little about my mom's family and nothing about Dad's. At first, it was going to be no more than a chart that told who my parents were and their parents and so forth, as far as I could take it. Then I realized that I needed to document how I had reached my conclusions. I started with an online account at Ancestry. Then came trips to the National Archives in Washington DC, the Charlotte Mecklenburg Public Library – Carolina Room and the York County, SC Public Library in Rock Hill. Eventually, I reached out to the folks at Olde Meck Genealogical Society: Family Research Center (FRC) after I encountered a road block. They helped me get beyond the roadblock and then some.
I learned that one of the volunteers was starting a writing workshop. By that time, I had started working on documenting my conclusions. I decided to go to a meeting just to see what they were all about. At first, I started writing about my ancestors, in a story that stated the boring facts. Some of the stories are still in that form, but many are in a first-hand dialogue format. The stories are my memories; the stuff no one else will remember.
My sister Diane and I are almost two years apart in age. This book is a collection of some of our stories. It presents the facts from my memory. Many of the memories are over 65 years old.
If you would like to start writing your memories to pass down to your family, join us on Thursdays, 12:00 noon to 2:00 pm, at Olde Meck's FRC, 3500 Shamrock Dr.
Tommy Beatty is a project manager, programmer, painter, family historian, and author of "Moments in Time: Memories of a Younger Me."

Organize Your Family History Research

At May's monthly meeting, Lynn Bancroft presented a program on methods to help us organize our family history. She discussed useful hints and presented a sampling of different charts which can enhance our research. Based on Family Tree Magazine’s 8 Habits of Highly Organized Genealogists, Lynn described how the following tips may be helpful:
  1. Keep the big picture in mind.
  2. Take charge of paper files.
  3. Go digital.
  4. Establish an organization routine.
  5. Take advantage of tech tools.
  6. Designate a workspace.
  7. Color-code folders and files.
  8. Create a kit for on-site research.
Lynn gave explanations of how to implement each of these habits and had copies of the charts she presented available for attendees to take home.  Lynn's Research Organization Presentation is available to Olde Meck members who missed attending the meeting.

American Revolution Sites, Events, Troops

Bill Anderson, longtime Olde Meck member, has created an impressive website that maps troop movements and significant events of the American Revolution, superimposed on modern day maps.
The website - American Revolution Sites, Events, Troops - includes battles, skirmishes, and other significant events throughout the war and the entire theater of operations. From the first forcible resistance at Salem, MA, through Captain Jack's famous ride, the movements of General Greene's forces, and culminating in Washington's farewell to officers at Fraunce's Tavern, the site pinpoints troop movements and important events. The user can select items of interest and watch their movement through time. If any of your ancestors served in the Revolution, you will want to check out Bill’s website to view precisely where and when they fought and bring their experiences to light.
Bill has also shared another link - Applications, Reports, Articles - that includes the above plus many other research reports and articles about Charlotte and Mecklenburg history, and the American Revolution.

Olde Meck monthly meetings are held at the Asbury Health and Rehabilitation Center, just past Ray Hall in Aldersgate. Note: the Asbury Health and Rehabilitation Center is located behind the Fellowship Hall (where Olde Meck used to meet) and adjoining buildings. 
There are two ways to enter the Aldersgate complex and go to the new meeting location. See the directions and map below or download Meeting Location Directions
(1) Enter from Shamrock Rock Dr
  • You will come into the guard gate as usual.
  • Continue on Willard Farrow Dr all the way to Cole Dr as if going to our old location at the Fellowship Hall.
  • Instead of turning left into the old parking lot, keep straight on Cole Dr and then turn to the left on Bishops Way Ln.
  • Continue down the hill and you will see the new Asbury Heath and Rehabilitation Center straight ahead on the right side of the road.
(2) ‚ÄčEnter from Eastway Dr
  • This is a new entrance Aldersgate has recently opened. Located off Eastway Dr, shortly before Shamrock Dr, it comes in at the back of the Asbury Health and Rehabilitation Center.
  • After you pass the guard gate, take a left in the parking lot and make your way around to the front of the building.
Aldersgate would like us to park in either of the two side parking lots and leave the spaces in front for families of residents. You will enter the building through the gabled entrance at the bottom of the parking lot. Once inside, the Activity Center is straight ahead, past the main lobby.
Download PDF of Meeting Location Directions.

General Greene Visits Olde Meck

Olde Meck members were treated to a visit from Revolutionary War General Nathanael Greene at the March monthly meeting.
John Misenheimer, another longtime Olde Meck member, appeared as the "Fighting Quaker" and described the events that made Mecklenburg County a key player in the success of his campaign. John provided well-researched details and many interesting stories to complete his narrative.
One noteworthy revelation was that John was able to reconstruct some important troop locations that are now lying under Lake Norman by consulting Fishing Hotspot Maps of the area that include contours underwater. You may view this program and others behind the "Members Only Login."

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