Mission / Purpose

Located in Charlotte, North Carolina, the Mecklenburg Genealogical Society (Olde Meck) was founded in 1981 by a small group of genealogists to unite folks who share the love of family history, to assist them in their genealogical research, and to preserve records of interest to family historians. We celebrate our location along the Great Wagon Road, a thoroughfare which brought so many of our Scots Irish ancestors to the region. 
Today, Olde Meck welcomes and embraces the varied backgrounds of all our members and guests, whether experienced or just getting started, regardless of area or family origin.  We strive to meet their genealogical needs by:
  • hosting monthly meetings, workshops, and events on a variety of family history and genealogical subjects.
  • maintaining a research library --- the Sutcliffe-Ferguson Family Research Center --- that is staffed by knowledgeable volunteers and provides access to books, special collections, online resources, and other valuable sources.
  • collecting, organizing, and preserving genealogical materials, which are then made available to researchers through our library, our publications, and our website (www.oldemeck.org).
If you’re getting started on your family research, want to enhance your research skills, or wish to share your expertise with others, we invite you to visit or contact us and join the Olde Meck genealogical community.

Operating Year: January - December 2024

2024 Board of Directors
President: Jeffrey Houser
Vice President: Lynn Bancroft
Treasurer: Deborah Arnold
Membership Secretary: Lois Stickell
Program Chair: Katie Grafer
Recording Secretary: Ann Martin
Past President: Marilyn H. Jones
Director 2023-24: David M. McCorkle
Director 2024-25: Jane Benton
Family Research Center (FRC)
FRC Chair: Marilyn H. Jones
Librarian: Lovenia Summerville
Quarterly Editor: Ellen V. Poteet
Messenger Newsletter Editor: Lynn Bancroft
To email the President, Programs Director, Membership Secretary, or Treasurer, just "mouse over" their names above.