Are You a Morning Person or an Evening person?
by Gloria Alexander 
July 16, 2023

Definitely a morning person….. Spring and Summer, my joy is reading scripture first, then taking my hot coffee in hand and walking thru the garden to see how much each plant has grown. Some grow an inch or more, some grow less, some have formed buds, some have open flowers or tiny fruit, maybe a hibiscus flower or two opened this morning, possibly more. I usually have morning glories growing up the tall center white column at my front porch, but not this year. My focus was on vegetable gardening this year, which is a third larger at least, allowing for better spacing and a crop of lovely “Silver Queen” corn.
Another joy of morning is sitting on the porch with my hot coffee and Bible in lap watching the coming and going of my bluebirds.  This is their second batch of eggs being hatched and then babies fed by both male and females. The parents get used to me being on the porch bird watching. Such a joy this is…..
During the fall and winter, I am still up early, when the sun comes to greet me with happy morning bird songs outside my window. The drawing of coffee is on my mind… coffee made with the South American method of making in a muslin cone bag, boiling 2 cups of water with a full teaspoon of “Cafe Bustelo” coffee, then reducing to a simmer, #3 heat for 2 fully timed minutes. This is then strained through a stainless-steel tea strainer perched inside the muslin strainer. The tea strainer catches the larger grounds that would clog up the sink in time and the muslin catches the tiniest of grounds, which I then, turn inside out and rinse out into the drain, squeezing out excess water from the muslin, then hang over the faucet to drain for the next batch of hot coffee. I then quickly rinse out the small nonstick sauce pot with a little water and pour into a holding container. This settles the grounds after a while, and I pour off the clearer water down the drain. Then when enough grounds are accumulated, I stir and pour grounds into my compost.
I love this method of making coffee my Peruvian friend introduced me to, for it only takes 3 minutes start to finish instead of waiting for the traditional English SLOW drip coffee maker and endless coffee filters to buy.
Now I am ready to make the next batch while reading more scripture and digesting what I have studied. My Lord meets me each morning I am faithful to sit and ponder over the Psalm/Proverb of the day. I love it when He puts a passage in Bold Print to teach me something deeper. Jesus is faithful to me when I abide with Him. Well, actually, He is faithful to me even when I am not….
Yes, I am definitely a morning person.
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