Our Presidents

The Mecklenburg Genealogical Society has been led over the years by many wonderful and dedicated people.  Listed below are the Olde Meck Presidents who have tirelessly and passionately served our members and guests, and helped build Olde Meck into the organization it is today.  We thank them all for the vision, direction, and love they have given to us and the pursuit of family history.
2024 Jeffrey Houser
2023 Jeffrey Houser
2022 Jeffrey Houser
Jeffrey Houser
2020 Jeffrey Houser
2019 Jeffrey Houser
2018 Jeffrey Houser
2017 Jeffrey Houser
2016 Marilyn Jones
2015 Marilyn Jones
2014 Lynn Bancroft
2013 Lynn Bancroft
2012 Lynn Bancroft
2011 Marilyn Jones
2010 Marilyn Jones
2009 Marilyn Jones
2008 John E. Misenheimer, Jr.
2007 John E. Misenheimer, Jr.
2006 Ronald Touchstone
2005 Ted Lucas
2004 George Sutcliffe, Pinny Cook
2003 George Sutcliffe
2002 George Sutcliffe
2001 Richard Squires
2000 Tim Chavel
1999 Tim Chavel
1998 John E. Misenheimer, Jr.
1997 John E. Misenheimer, Jr.
1996 Joan Oviatt (Raney)
1995 L.D. Bass
1994 Pinny Cook
1993 Jennifer Schmidt
1992 Vince Spracklin
1991 Barbara P. Culp (Parsons)
1990 Barbara P. Culp (Parsons)
1989 Joe Brickey
1988 Joe Brickey
1987 Rev. Thomas F. Hudson, Robert H. Swain
1986 Selby Daniels
1985 Perry McCrary
1984 Selby Daniels
1983 Selby Daniels
1982 Greenlee Lilly